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Ski for Light

Ski for Light Montana

Modeled after the national organization, Ski for Light Inc, Ski for Light Montana Is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1980 and has been coordinating cross-country skiing and trail hiking events for blind or visually impaired adults every year since 1990.

A Visually impaired cross country skier wearing a red coat and matching winter hat with a ball on the top

Ski for Light - Cross Country Skiing

The Ski for light program has taught many visually impaired people from all over Montana and surrounding states, to cross country ski. The program is held in West Yellowstone every winter and is a unique experience for both the blind skier and the sighted guide.

Please visit the Ski for Light - Cross Country Skiing page for more information.

A hiker traversing  a traill wearing a backpack. Trees are on either side of the trail.

Trekk for Light - Trail Hiking

In addition to the winter activity of skiing, the summer months provide participants an opportunity to Trekk through the scenic Mountains of Central Montana. Participants are guided on three days of separate hiking tours. These tours lead individuals along a variety of trails.

Please visit the Trekk for Light - Trail Hiking page for more information.

SFL MT on PBS's Back Roads of Montana - May 20, 2019.

Ski for Light Montana Mission Statement

The mission of Ski for Light Montana (SFLMT) is to teach blind and visually impaired adults how to cross-country ski and to hike mountain trails with help from guides. By teaching blind or visually impaired individuals these outdoor activities, it encourages each person to understand the limitations that they experience are governed only by their thoughts of inability.

SFLMT strives to help participants and volunteers break through barriers of resistance, overcome never-before attempted physical challenges, and explore new ways to exercise all while enjoying the outdoors. SFLMT strives to encourage each person to make the experience their own.